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F-14A Superpit description of functionality

Instruments and lights in blue:

1. AoA indexer light 15. Vertical speed indicator 29. Exhaust Nozzle position indicators
2. Left engine stall warning light 16. Airspeed knots/Mach indicator 30. OIL pressure indicators
3. WHEELS, landing gear failure light 17. Radar Altitude indicator 31. Hydraulic pressure indicator
4. Autopilot enabled light 18. Altitude indicator 32. RPM indicator L and R
5. Nose Wheel Steering enabled light 19. Left engine fire warning light 33. Turbine Inlet Temp indicator L and R
6. Heads Up Display 20. Right engine fire warning light 34. Engine Fuel Flow  indicator L and R
7. Right engine stall warning light 21. VDI 35. Range/HDG digits
8. SAM launch warning light 22. Backup ADI 36. Course digits
9. RWR activity light 23. Acceleration and G units indicator 37. Digital HSI
10. Analog Compass 24. Backup HSI 38. Fuel indicator
11. Angle of Attack indicator 25. UHF radio 39. Liquid Oxygen quantity indicator
12. LOCK indicator light 26. Flaps position indicator 40. Clock
13. SHOOT indicator light 27. Landing gear status indicators
14. Swing wing degrees indicator 28. Airbrake position indicator

switches in green:

1. Gun rate 12. HUD auto/day/night 23. Browsable checklists
2. Missile preparation 13. Emergency Jettison button 24. AA selection
3. Master Arm switch 14. Landing gear control handle 25. AG selection
4. Master Caution 15. Parking break control handle 26. All Weather Landing/ILS
5. Missile mode boresight 16. Emergency gear down (spot*) 27. VDI mode
6. Fuel Shut off left 17. Alt gear reset switch 28. RF switch
7. Fuel shut off right 18. Fuel feed switch 29. VDI power ON switch
8. ' Touchscreen ' MFD buttons 19. Fuel/Wing first switch 30. HUD power ON switch
9. HUD brightness 20. Range/HDG turning knob 31. HSD/EMCD power switch
10. VDI brightness up 21. Course turning knob 32. HSD/EMCD power switch
11. VDI brightness down 22. HOOK control handle
* means location but no visual switch

Pan down for TACAN checklists for Korea, Balkans and ODS

Instruments and lights in blue:

1. Landing gear status indicators 4. Hydraulic pressure indicator 7. Engine Fuel Flow  indicator L and R
2. Airbrake position indicator 5. RPM indicator L and R 8. Kneeboard/Kneemap
3. OIL pressure indicators 6. Turbine Inlet Temp indicator L and R

Switches in green:

1. Emergency stores Jettison button 6. Fuel/Wing first switch 11. Kneeboard Steerpoint info selection
2. Landing gear control handle 7. Fuel quantity selector  12. Kneeboard Briefing info selection
3. Parking brakes pull handle 8. Refuel probe Extend switch 13. Kneeboard map selection
4. Emergency down landing gear (spot* ) 9. Inlet ramps switches 14. Emergency seat ejection handle
5. Fuel feed switch 10. Flaps control handle
* means location but no visual switch

Switches in green:

1. HOOK control handle 6. RF silent switch 11. Canopy open control 
2. Air to Air selector 7  VDI power switch 12. Browsable checklists* 
3. Air to Ground selector 8. HUD power switch 13. Emergency ejection handle
4. All Weather Landing (ILS) 9. HSD/EMCD power switch 14. Seat LOCK/ARM control 
5. VDI mode switch 10. Steer Command ILS/NAV
* Use left and rightclick to browse

Instruments and lights in blue:

1. Fuel control panel 2. Caution advisory panel

Switches in green:

1. Radar Warning Receiver volume threats 7. Automatic Flight Control System 12. TACAN channel selection (push #) 
2. Radar Warning Receiver volume missiles 8. Air Start switch  13. TACAN channel band selection, X / Y 
3. UHF-2 radio volume control (Comms 2) 9. L and R Engine Crank switch  14. TACAN Function selector
4. Autopilot Altitude switch  10. Inlet Ramps switches 15. UHF radio channel selector
5. Autopilot Heading switch  11. Flaps position handle  16. UHF radio volume control (Comms 1)
6. Autopilot Engage switch

Switches in green:  

1. Canopy open/close  5. Instruments lights brightness  10. Master test selection switch
2. AN / ARA 63 decoder panel power switch 6. Wing position lights 11. Video recording control switch
3. Taxi lights switch external 7. Tail position lights  12. Master Generator switches
4. White Flood light switch internal 8. Position lights flasher switch 13.  Air Source selection buttons
9. Anti collission lights switch

Instruments and lights in blue:

1. GO / NO GO lights 2. Caution advisory panel
 Functionality description in HTML on this website

 Functionality description in Word (printable)

 Functionality description in PDF (Printable)


 General info F-14A Tomcat in Word (Printable)

 Rampstart checklist in Word (Printable)

 Rampstart checklist in PDF (Printable)


F-14A Tomcat Superpit features: features:
- 2D and 3D cockpit
- The add-on has a complete and matching 2D and 3D cockpit, only from the pilot's position. In an F-14A the RIO can not fly the plane. 
 Note that the 3D cockpit's functionality is very limited at this moment but that can change.
The Normal and wideview cockpit is not available, in the F-14A Superpit was chosen for an 'in between' cockpit, not wide not close up but with maximum visibility and panel image quality.
- Canopy reflections
The cockpit canopy has its own reflections set, matching the external skins of the aircraft and interior
- Nightlighting
-  Big advantage is the ability to switch in the cockpit between day and night ready cockpit with various interior lighting options.
- For flying at night, push keys Shift-2 for enabling the backlit panels 
- For flying at night, you can use separately backlit panels,  instruments lights,  NVG green or a combination of these
- The Falcon/Red Viper install allows dimmable instruments lights and also dimmable floodlight 
- Tacan/maps
-Clicking down or keycombination Shift-1 shows the tactical and reference view with Tacan/Airbase information and maps.  Panning sideways shows other theaters' reference guides like Desert Storm and Balkans
- Extra pictures option
- There are 2 empty graphics which you can use for your own pictures/data in the cockpit, panning sideways from the tactical and reference view wil show these. These can be used for information about additional theaters for example.
You can find these images in Microprose/Falcon4/art/ckptart/F-14A or 1983 dirs, depending on your install type. They are called n_16_12_wide.gif and n_16_12_e.gif
- Tactical and reference view
-Clicking down from the default 2D pit position or keycombination Shift-1 shows the tactical and reference view with extra and typical F-16 functions.  Clicking further down pans to the nightlit cockpit. Panning up from this view shows the normal daytime cockpit. Panning sideways shows other theaters' reference guides like Desert Storm and Balkans
- Display (Vertical Display Indicator)
- The VDI display is made clickable in a 'touchscreen' mode, meaning you can operate the display by pressing the area that is showing. 
- Kneeboard on the right side
- The right leg has a complete browsable rampstart checklist, a Carrier Landing Pattern checklist, a refueling checklist, an SAM/AAA threat list and an option to put your own picture in there, see 16_tmplt.gif in your cockpit dir.  Browsing is done by left and right clicking.
- Rampstart
- A full rampstart is possible, checklists available on your right knee in the sim. The rampstart sequence is modelled to match the real F-14A rampstart as much as possible.
- Textures
Included in the add-on are 2 different texture skinsets for the exterior plane. VF-32 Swordsmen and VF-41 Black Aces US Navy squadrons
- Tactical Engagement
In Red Viper you can set up a tactical engagement set of missions for the F-14A from the carrier in the default theater, it will use the VF-32 Swordsmen sqn. 
- Campaign
In Red Viper you can fly a full campaign in the Korea2005 theater, where the campaign plays in 1983. This will use the VF-41 Black Aces sqn launched form the carrier.
Credits for this add-on:
- Homercide for the excellent installers and all his help in general.
- Daws for the 3D swing wings in the 2D cockpit and his assistance with the 3D cockpit conversion to Falcon's format
- T-Rex for the Red Viper installer.
- Welsh-Madman for helping with the conversion of the 3D cockpit to Red Viper format
- Chris Woodul from the Frontiers of Flight museum in Dallas Texas for allowing me to use his ejection seat images 
- My wife and kids for allowing me to invest time in the project 
Aeyes, cockpits.nl






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