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COCKPITS.NL is a website for the military flight simulation enthusiast and professionals who are looking for a valued source of high quality cockpit graphics.  Our products are featured in many well known entertainment flight simulations, as well as, professional simulators used by Air Forces throughout the world.  Our efforts focus on modern military combat jet and helicopter cockpits, but will be expanding in the near future to showcase a wider variety of aircraft.  Feel free to comment or ask questions via the forum or feedback form.

Latest product:

F-16CJ cockpit for BMS


High resolution graphics for BMS inlcuding completely new F-16 cockpit:  RELEASED


Featured movies:

F/A-18C widescreenF/A-18C Hornet cockpit movie in FF5. Have a look at the included features of this mod.

F-4 Phantom widescreenF-4 Phantom cockpit movie in FF5. Have a look at this old girl in action.

Cockpit Art prints

NEW! AV-8B AV-8B movie in FF5. Have a look at this preview of the 3D cockpit, aircraft and ship textures


WIP! F-16 3D model developmentDevelopment of a detailed and realistic 3D cockpit for the F-16CJ blk 50/52, status: partially mapped and textured


What our customers say about cockpits.nl products:

BLuDKLoT: "I have every Aeyes Pit, the Cockpit pack, HiTex, HiTiles, all of it! I still run at 60-61 FPS and at 30 when I run Fraps." Blunder: "The Aeyes pits are beautiful and a bargain at the price. Worth every penny." Neptune117: "I've been using your Strike Eagle pit in FF5.51 its great!." Tom: "The F/A-18C Aeyes pit/mod completely rocks. I normally fly the 3D pit due to my monitor being 4:3". Snake00: "Need more Aeyes widescreen pits for FF5; they're the best I've ever used. (My personal opinion). They're worth every penny". Ziozeus: "I have almost every product by Aeyes and will have any in the future...F18, F4, Eurofighter are widescreen and really worth it." Ziozeus: "I also love F15E F14 F15 A10, With Hitex you get beautifull textures for f15 f4 f18 a10 3D cockpit (really enjoyable if you don't need a 2D pit)" Bertman: "Aeyes pits are the best....Definately worth the coin. I got F16cj and F4...Im gonna get F15. Thanks Aeyes.....". Strikerpsg: "I have been way out of the Falcon 4.0 loop for a long time, but did purchase some cockpits from Aeyes and can tell you they are exceptional works of art." Blixx: "These pits are just amazing work and I can't wait to experience them when I get a TrackIR set" BLuDKLoT: "I have all of Aeyes pits and they are great. I wish you'd make more." Novice: "Saintwarrior did mention Aeyes' payware WS pits (which I use and love )those come with WS splashscreens."

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Top products

AV-8B widescreen FF6


F/A-18C widescreen FF6


F-16CJ widescreen FF6


F-4 widescreen FF6


F-16AM widescreen AF

Preview of high resolution 2D and 3D AV-8B widescreen cockpit for FF5, fully clickable  

F/A-18C Hornet widescreen mod for FF5. Amazing add-on with new models, external AC textures, high res 2D and 3D cockpits, with own manual. Fly from a carrier and do exciting trap landings at night

  F-16 CJ cockpit for FF5. Revamped cockpit with photorealistic look.   F-4 Phantom cockpit for FF5. The 'Rhino' brings back memories.   F-16 CJ widescreen cockpit for F4:AF. Revamped cockpit with photorealistic look, makes you feel like you are there.

AH-64 Apache EECH


HiTex I FF6


HiTex II FF6


F-16CJ widescreen AF


F-15E Stirke Eagle FF6

Experience the Apache in a dynamic campaign in EECH, fly as gunner or pilot


HiTex for FF5, High resolution textures for 3D cockpits, buildings, taxiways, tanks, vehicles, aircraft, and many other items


High resolution textures for FF5's carriers, ships, all runways, buildings, helicopters, vehicles, aircraft, and many other items


F-16CJ widescreen 2D and 3D cockpit for Falcon 4.0: Allied Force. A major improvement over the default F4:AF cockpits and in widescreen format.


F-15E 2D and 3D cockpit for FF5. Fly the very powerful Strike Eagle from the front in a 2D and 3D cockpit or in the back as a WSO in the 2D cockpit.

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